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At Delta Data Services there is a reason that "Services" is in our name!

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100% Free! NO obligation. NO commitment. Why? You shouldn't have to spend money for us to prove we can do a better job at supporting your small business technology, period. Put us to the test!

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Delta Data Services

All you're interested in is keeping your business running. Delta Data Services has that goal in mind as well. We keep technology running for you so you keep your business running for your customers. We believe that yu can't give too much service. Let's look at the word "service." There are many different definitions of the word depending on what you are doing. At Delta Data, we believe the business definition is "the act of giving value to someone with their best interest in mind -- not yours." But we believe it is important that you are able to see what service means to us. Below is a partial list of what we can do for you.


On-Site Service

Delta Data Services provides Memphis area businesses with on-site and remote support of their networks and equipment..

    On-Line Service    
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  Courtesy Phone Support*

For our existing customers, Delta Data Services offers FREE technical support as a courtesy to you. This means that if you have a simple question, pick up the phone and call. If we can resolve it for you in less than 5 minutes, there will be no charge, and a thanks for doing business with Delta Data Services!

For new customers, we provide the same service with a 
strong request to refer your friends and family to us!!

If the situation requires extended troubleshooting or a walk thru of a lengthy procedure, you will be notified immediately and asked how you would like to handle the situation.

*Support Calls taking less than 5 minutes to resolve are FREE.

Disaster Recovery

Without your data, your business will crawl to a halt. Be prepared! Talk with an expert about the best way to protect yourself from device failure and data loss. With a combination of today's on-site and online storage, there are ways to stop the unthinkable from happening.

Network Integration

Let Delta Data Services help you find the best provider for your business internet and phone needs. With close ties to the Inetrnet Service Providers (ISPs) in the local area, we can help you make this decision easier by eliminating poor choices based on your business needs and budget requirements. We round out this service by not only facilitating the acquisition of the new ISP service, but by following up and ensuring that the work is properly done and documented.

Wired/Wireless LANs

Heard about 802.11n? How about CAT6? Know anything about the newest Giga-Fast Ethernet standard? We do! Delta Data Services is your solution to creating or expanding your network. In case you hadn't heard, wireless networking is a dual blessing. Not only is it inexpensive, liberating, and easy to use, but is also highly portable as well, meaning that if you move your business to a new location, you take your network with you. Just think of the savings of not having to re-wire your new location! 

Security & Anti-Virus

Delta Data Services provides software and support in the detection and removal of viruses from your pc's and network. Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Delta Data has partnered with Continuum and Webroot to offer Managed Antivirus Service. Managed Antivirus has not only been one of the best products on the market in terms of actual detection and removal of viruses, but has incredibly thorough tech support and monitoring, virtually eliminating the need of administering the updates that are required to keep the product effective.

We can help you secure your environment, and assess the threat from hackers and rogue employees as well.We can Secure your critical data.

Systems Consulting

Allow us assist you in determining which components you need to make your company perform like a well-oiled machine. We look at your software requirements, business needs, budgetary concerns, security issues, and then make a recommendation. Again, we go above and beyond, finding the systems and components required to fulfill the established goals, and then thoroughly document the solution.

Computer Repairs

With A+ certifications, over 32 years of overlapping computer repair experience, and the lowest rates in the local area, Delta Data Services is your one stop shop for all your computer service needs.

On-Call or Contract

Of course, there is no contract required to receive any of the benefits outlined above. However, Delta Data Services does offer maintenance and support contracts on all new systems & components purchased from us, as well as contracts on any exisiting equipment you own, where we feel qualified/experienced enough and where the equipment in question is in a maintainable/supportable state.

"World Class Computer Service at Very Competitive Rates"

Managing PC's and Networks in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee

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